When it comes to creating some printed marketing material, the type of font that we will use is often one of the last things on our mind. The actual design and content is usually the first thing we consider and then it is a case of deciding on colours and images. Once all this is in place you might finally get round to considering the type of font to use.

Why is type font so important?

The simple answer to this is – it is!! If your customers can’t easily read the leaflet, flyer, brochure, billboard or poster that you want them to read, then your message is instantly lost. Your text must be clear and easy to read but should also fit with your overall brand identity.

To help give you an idea of fonts that work well in print, we have compiled a list of three of the best and worst fonts for printing. We see all sorts of fonts go through our printers on a daily basis and like to think we have a good idea on what works well and what simply doesn’t work at all.

When you have decided on a type font that works for your printed promotional material, we recommend you include it in your brand guidelines to ensure all future printed materials incorporate the font and sizes that are to be used with it.

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