Project Description

This was probably the most nerve-racking design l have personally undertaken throughout my whole experience in the design industry. A really close friend/family ‘asked me’ or more like told me that she would like me to design her a cover for her book. Me thinking nothing of it, said: “yes, sure thing”. This was a passing comment for a little while until it came to the crunch that she was being serious. She had actually written the book and needed a cover for it. No pressure!

First thing was understanding what the book was about and getting a feel for the person who is requesting the book. It’s easy to give me full creativity to design whatever comes to mind, which is great and allows me freedom. But l like my design to reflect the subject in question, this case the author of the book. I later got to understand the book was about a personal experience which was very close to her heart. This then made me step out of my comfort zone, put myself in her shoes and get a feel for what would best portray how she was feeling at the time of this experience.

It was a great experience and one that l will never forget, it has given me a new insight into more of the emotional side as a designer. Getting things perfect, that fear of getting things wrong became ever so real. Hopefully, l will get to finally read the book and see the design from a thought in my head to actual print.