Project Description

New product freshly made from real natural products.

This is a new venture that was brought to me in order to design a full brand logo and brand guidelines. I have learnt that it is key to have a conversation with the owner, getting them to talk about the product or service. See what keywords they use, tease out of them what it is they feel and want. This occasion was no different, the only thing was after l finished the conversation l actually noted the owner had already done most of the work herself. This made the process so much easier, it was a case of transforming that was in her head into a design concept that worked best for the brand.

One thing l learnt on this project was to, where possible record your conversation with the client. I don’t normally as l write everything down on paper and go back and read it. But it was nice to be able to put my earphones in while designing a listen back to what was said.

Excellent client to work with and a pleasure to execute this design.